A Symplectic Product: Powering the Research Management Ecosystem

CC Grant Tracker and Symplectic teams join to empower the wider research management ecosystem

CC Grant Tracker and Symplectic teams join to empower the wider research management ecosystem

For most of us the last 12 + months have been…well, different.

The changes we have seen in our lives at home and at work have been many and varied. Some of those changes will be temporary, as we start to navigate our way cautiously to a more “normal” state, and other changes will assume normality. Although I hope very much that we can get back to face-to-face meetings soon, and even look forward to an in-person CC Grant Tracker user conference, I suspect that the virtual meeting will remain as a principal mode of communication. We adapt!

In the context of the swiftly changing landscape triggered by COVID-19, the CC Grant Tracker team reacted quickly, moving from an office-based team to a remote home-working team in a short number of days. I know that this was the case for most of our customers. Little did we know back in March 2020 that we would still be largely home-based 15 months later. Nor could we realise the impact that what became a global pandemic would have on our lives, both socially and economically.

The remote team has worked hard to maintain our service to our funder customers, making significant efforts to ensure a continued quality and responsive service. Where possible we have gone the extra mile in supporting customers in adapting to the impact of COVID-19 on their grant management activities and processes.

Also over this period we have been collaborating ever more closely with Symplectic (also a division of Digital Science) and in March 2021 we announced the launch of a Research Funding Solution, a new suite of functionality to support institutional research funding workflows. The suite forms part of the widely adopted Symplectic Elements solution and which now benefits from technologies initially developed for CC Grant Tracker clients. You can learn more about the Elements Research Funding Solution here.

This successful collaboration highlighted further areas of synergy, strategy and culture which became the catalyst for bringing the Symplectic and CC Technology teams together underneath the wider umbrella of Digital Science, creating a stronger Symplectic team with a combined and global customer base of over 160 organisations. 

Symplectic has empowered research institutions for almost 20 years to collect, analyse, showcase and report on their scholarly activities. During that time its flagship product for research information management, Elements, has become widely adopted in multiple territories around the world. 

The combined team will work across an extended portfolio of products including Elements and CC Grant Tracker and will continue to work with both existing and new institutional and funder customers. 

Over the last 5 months we have been developing a shared strategy and a new joint operating model which builds on the similarities that exist across the two teams. This new operating model provides the blueprint for a joint team which will allow us together to focus on the areas that give us our competitive advantage, including product, people, systems, and processes.

Colleagues from Symplectic bring with them deep knowledge and expertise in information management and research funding, which will allow us to continue to enhance and finesse the Research Funding Solution, as well as exploring other areas where functionality across the expanded product suite can be cross-pollinated to the benefit of both current Grant Tracker and current Symplectic clients. Here is a link to the announcement of our teams joining forces made via the Symplectic website.

Through this combined team, we will work in pursuit of the advancement of knowledge, delivering flexible research management solutions and providing flexible and innovative support for the whole grants lifecycle.

The pipeline of new business for CC Grant Tracker did slow during 2020, as businesses across many sectors sought to adapt to the more immediate impact and challenge of the pandemic. However, we can see signs of recovery and renewed confidence as funder organisations explore options to introduce technology solutions like CC Grant Tracker to support their administration and management of grants and to improve the analysis and insight that is driven by data captured during the life of a grant and the data relating to longer term outputs and results. With ever more focus on the impact of funding there are a growing number of funder customers using CC Grant Tracker as part of their monitoring and evaluation activities to capture research outputs and impact evidence and to view this information at project, initiative and programme levels.  

CC Grant Tracker has been far from dormant over the last 12 months, and the collaboration with Symplectic has already seen enhancements and improvements to the product – particularly in the area of user experience:

  • The Console redesign work, showcased during the webinar at the end of last year, continues and we are now mobilising to re-work the portal interface. 
  • We have established an API framework to better support data and system interoperability.
  • We have continued to develop capabilities in the area of reviews and meetings with further enhancements to support the design of meeting and review workspaces and to facilitate different review and meeting use cases including remote, live scoring.

We are excited to become part of this larger team and look forward to working together with our clients to continue to shape, centralise and streamline research management and funding. 



Symplectic Elements has empowered research institutions for more than 15 years to collect, analyse, showcase and report on all their scholarly activities and the extended capabilities of the Research Funding Solution will support institutions with pre- and post-award activities including communicating funding opportunities, facilitating proposal development, coordinating internal reviews and approvals and managing project administration, post-award milestones and reporting.